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Sony MEX-BT3600U in-car CD Tuner

Sony MEX-BT3600UOkay, for those who just can’t live without their portable music players or cell phones and wish that there was a a way to connect your gadgets to your car stereo, well, Sony came up with their MEX-BT3600U car stereo. The Sony MEX-BT3600U is not just a glorified car stereo, it actually communicates with all of your gadgets.

If you have an MP3 player, you can connect your device via USB located on the front panel of the SOny MEX-BT3600U. You can view your MP3 songs onthe MEX-BT3600U’s front panel LCD display. Another cool feature of the SOny MEX-BT3600U is that it supports Bluetooth A2DP profile! You can connect any A2DP supported device and wirelessly stream music through your car’s speakers.

The Sony MEX-BT3600U can also act as a hands-free calling device. Bluetooth supported mobile phones can connect with the MEX-BT3600U and you can hear your caller through your car’s speakers. Of course, this device can play your regular CDs too.

The Sony MEX-BT3600U will be available in Europe starting May 2008. No word whether it is due out for international release.


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