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Sony VAIO Mini W-Series

Well, here’s Sony’s stab at the netbook market: the Sony VAIO Mini W-Series. I thought their P Series was their introduction to the netbook market but since they vehemently denies that the P series is a netbook, I guess the Sony VAIO Mini W Series is their “official” netbook.

Specifications of the Sony VAIO Mini W-Series include: 10.1 inch LCD, Intel Atom 1.66GHz processor, 160GB hard disk drive, WiFi, Bluetooth, and webcam.

Price is expected to be around £450, at least, in the UK.



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Why I’m sticking with my VAIO instead of a MAC

One of my friends asked me why I chose to be a Sony fan rather than an Apple fan. Well, I know I’m not being fair since I haven’t tried using a Mac PC but it’s more of an OS thing really rather than the hardware thing. In terms of products and design, Sony and Mac are both offering their products at a premium compared with similar consumer electronics but the thing is, I’m just more comfortable using Windows than Apple’s OSx.

Besides, I’ve already a couple of expensive software and games installed on my VAIOs running Windows so I don’t want to have to buy a different license just so it would work on Mac. True, there are also some free mac games floating around the net but even the best mac games and software that are free, I still don’t have the time to learn OSx.

Besides, it’s not like I’m completely boycotting Apple, we do have one iPhone in our household and we constantly download iPhone mobile games for that so you can’t say that I’m not buying Apple products.

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Sony’s New P Series Netbooks

So it looks like the rumors about Sony making VAIO netbooks are true. The confirmation came after Sony leaked photos of their P Series on their Sony Style Store. The P Series will sport a 1.33 GHz Intel Processor, 8″ LCD, 60GB hard drive w/ optional 128GB Solid State Drive, and comes with Microsoft Vista Home Premium or Home Basic.

To date, Sony’s smallest screen VAIO laptop is the TT Series but price for the TT Series is around $1,+++. It would be nice to have a cheaper version though knowing Sony, their netbooks will probably be also sold at a premium.

Via: Engadget

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Runtime Error on VAIO PC

I was experiencing a run time error on my VAIO PC. The runtime error for rundll32.exe appeared as well as a message regarding an error for explorer.exe. I usually ignore these messages as they only appear about once or twice in a week and only appears when I shut down my laptop but they’ve been appearing a lot more frequently lately so I’ve scoured the net for some answers.

Thankfully, I found the solution over at lavasoft forums: There were some problems with the NVIDIA drivers that were installed. A quick uninstall and reinstall of the drivers did the fix and I am no longer bothered by the error messages. Once again, the power of Google helped save me from a trip to the Sony store.

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The Sony AR Series

Laptop computers have changed over the past years especially ever since High Definition videos have been introduced. In the days before HD, the smaller your laptop is, the better. Laptops are supposed to be your portable computer, a device which you can carry around with you. But since netbooks and mobile phones are fast becoming laptop replacements, laptops have also evolved into desktop replacements.

The HP HDX series has the biggest laptop screen I’ve seen at a whopping 22 inch (I think). However, HP isn’t marketing their HDX as a laptop but more of a portable media centre. Sony names their VAIO laptop series according to the screen size. The Z series has a 13.1 inch screen, the CS has 14.1 inch, etc. The Sony AR Series, is Sony’s 17 laptop series. This was during the advent of HD when people weren’t content with watching HD content on their 14 inch laptop but were not too comfortable with 22 inch screen like HP’s. But since Sony’s introduction of their new VAIO line, the Sony AR series will be discontinued and will be replaced by the VAIO AW series which have an 18.1 inch screen.

Whether people would prefer the extra 1 inch we could never really tell unless Sony discontinues the AW and resurrect the AR series.

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Upgrade or Keep Vista?

Let’s face it, though you really like your brand spanking new VAIO, we all hate the Windows Vista that comes with it. That’s why some of us would go through all the trouble of replacing Vista with XP. However, the problem is that when you downgrade to XP, you have to install all the drivers on your Sony VAIO. And I do mean ALL. From the motherboard, video card drivers, sound card drivers, etc.

Now since Windows Vista already comes pre-installed on the device, most likely you won’t find the drivers needed on the CD because most of the time, it would just be a recovery CD that comes with your VAIO laptop. You can try to find a website that has an extensive Driver Library for your PC and if you can’t find the specific device driver, you have to scour the Internet. It’s a pretty painful process I have to tell you so the question really is: Are you that bent on replacing Vista? If not then let’s just stick with it, if you are, well, good luck on your driver hunting.

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New VAIO laptops and PC

Sony has let loose a new PC and VAIO series, the Sony JS1 Series and the Sony VAIO NS Series. The Sony VAIO JS1 series is an all-in-one PC, similar to the Mac and Dell’s XPS One. The JS1 has a 20 inch screen, Intel Core 2 Duo processor E7200, and a 3GB of RAM. The VAIO NS Series on the other hand has the flagship VAIO VGN-NS11Z/S laptop with Blu-ray drive and a 15 inch screen. Other features include Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 processor, 4GB RAM, and 320GB hard disk drive.

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Making the Most of your VAIO laptop

Okay, so most VAIO laptops nowadays ship with Windows Vista and if you’re lucky enough to have or buy a Windows XP and replace the Vista Operating System on your VAIO, then there’s really no need for you to read this post. But like me, most of you will probably be stuck with Vista and though Microsoft has always been readily providing us with updates, none of them seems to improve Vista’s performance. So until the release of Windows 7, what are we to do? Well, make the most of Vista by using other software.

Take this Unofficial Windows Upgrade Software called Extensions for Windows. Extensions for Windows provide users with additional utilities to make the most out of Windows Vista and Windows XP. Some of these functions include an extended screen capture and desktop recorder which allows you to capture screenshots of live demos, image and document converters, a handy search and replace feature which allows you to search for text within files, PDF converter, and a Disk Usage Analyzer, among others.

There are a lot of stand alone utilities that could do this but buying each and everyone of those software will probably cost you more than $49.95, the retail price of Extensions for Windows. Anyways, you should try this software out and see how much easier Vista can be.

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Sony VAIO CS11

Sony has recently introduced their new colorful line of VAIO notebooks, the VAIO CS11 series. Unlike previous VAIO colored models, the Sony VAIO CS11 doesn’t only incorporate colors in the lid but also to the exposed inner surfaces and palm rest. One of the models in the Sony VAIO CS11 line, the Sony VAIO VGN-CS11Z/R has an integrated Blu-ray player.

Sony VAIO CS11 Series specifications:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo P8400
  • 4GB memory
  • 320 GB hard dis drive
  • 14.1 inch WXGA LCD screen
  • Blu-ray optical disk drive
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9300M video card
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in camera

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