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Cell Phone Signal Booster

I’ve previously talked about cell phone signal boosters, well, for those not in the know, here’s a quick info of what this device is. A cell phone signal booster is a device that can amplify your mobile phone’s signal. This device usually has a very large internal or in some cases, external antenna in order to receive signals properly.

Although sometimes, it’s not your service provider’s fault that you get a lousy signal. Mobile phones have become more of a fashion icon that’s why instead of external antennae, manufacturers opt for internal ones and these antennae sometimes cannot get a proper reception. That’s why if your friend or family member has a different mobile phone model, you’ll notice that they get a stronger or weaker signal than you do.

A cell phone booster is very easy to install. These devices are usually pretty compact though still bigger than your mobile phone, thanks to advances in technology. You can get some pretty cheap cell phone booster on eBay.


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Changing cell phone signals on Sony Ericsson Phones

I’ve previously played with my cousin’s windows mobile phone and I couldn’t help but notice that they have a way of switching cell phone signal from GSM to WCDMA or choose it automatically. My Sony Ericsson Phone doesn’t have that option. Yes, I can choose GSM only or GSM or 3G but no option for choosing 3G only signal.

I wish Sony Ericsson would remedy this in the near future. I’ve always tethered my mobile phone to my laptop and sometimes, my phone constantly changes from 2G to 3G and the result is that I get intermittent Internet connection. If I could choose to get 3G signals only, that would solve the problem even if it means, I only get 1 bar of signal. Of course, I can always use a 3G cell phone signal booster but those things costs a lot.

A cell phone booster is a device that would allow you to boost the signal that you’re mobile phone is getting. We all know that indoor signal quality of some providers are crappy so some people would buy these devices.

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Online Safety Concern

I’ve just watched this video of John Walsh and his Tips for Online Safety and it made me wonder of WordPress’ privacy policy. I know that I didn’t give out that much personal information but I remembered giving out my email address and I wondered if WordPress would give that away to third parties.

There’s a reason why I chose WordPress’ free blogging platform rather than set up wordpress on my own domain and webhost, it’s because I know that my personal information would be on the Whois database. I guess I have to look up WordPress’ privacy policy.

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Getting ready for the digital TV transition with Bravia TVs

Okay, so I’ve been ready for the digital TV transition ever since I’ve purchased by Bravia TV LCD TV a few years back but for those thinking of buying an HDTV instead of a TV with a digital tuner then it doesn’t hurt to look at Sony’s Bravia TVs. Yes, according to Consumer Electronics Association, you can get a DTV ready TV for as low as $200 but add around $200 more and you can get a spanking new Bravia TV and you’ll be more than ready to meet the DTV transition.

Of course for $400, expect to just get around 19 inch of LCD TV from Sony but I assure you that you’ll get more than DVD standard signals with HDTV and once you go High Def, you never want to turn back. So throw away your analog to digital TV converter voucher and just splurge on an HDTV.

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Marine Audio

If you’re a Sony fanboy/girl and you own a yacht, you might want to rethink getting Sony car audio for your boat. There’s a reason why boat ladders and boat seats are made of different materials compared with cars, it’s because being in the high seas will expose everything on your boat to a damp and corrosive environment that’s why boat manufacturers opt for specially made products for their yachts.

So even though I always recommend Sony products, for your boat’s audio system, you might want to opt for Clarion. Clarion has an exclusive marine audio system line and you can bet that their audio systems would last you a long while since these are specially designed with the high seas in mind.

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