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Go for a Green Host or Ordinary Hosting?

I’ve been toying with the idea of transferring this wordpress blog of mine on my own dedicated server. WordPress’ free hosting is okay, I mean, for beginners, you get everything you need except for a few customization options which you have to pay for. You have to pay WordPress if you want to tie-up your blog with your own domain, you have to pay them for editing CSS, you have to pay them for every little changes that might be beneficial for your blog. So rather than spend a lot on those “little” changes, it’s probably wise to opt for a dedicated webhost since it’s cheaper.

Anyways, there are a lot of web hosts on the Internet and I’ve been over to web hosting geek’s list of best webhosts. I’m actually choosing between a regular web host or try one of those green hosting sites. I know what you’re thinking, how can a web host become green and how can they impact the environment?

Well, a web host’s servers are on 24/7, thus they use a lot of energy. Some web hosts go green by powering their servers with reusable energy such as wind or solar power. Others go green by being carbon neutral (zero carbon emissions by offsetting carbon release).

Going green is all the rage these days. Even big corporations such as Sony and Toshiba are doing their own little thing to save the environment. On our part, using products or services by companies that do their part in helping the environment means we are also doing our own little thing to save Mother Earth.

Besides, from webhosting geek’s ratings, it looks like green hosting is cheaper if not comparable with normal dedicated web hosts.

Anyways, if you’re also looking for green web hosts, webhosting geek’s list of top 10 green host is a good place to start.


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Online Safety Concern

I’ve just watched this video of John Walsh and his Tips for Online Safety and it made me wonder of WordPress’ privacy policy. I know that I didn’t give out that much personal information but I remembered giving out my email address and I wondered if WordPress would give that away to third parties.

There’s a reason why I chose WordPress’ free blogging platform rather than set up wordpress on my own domain and webhost, it’s because I know that my personal information would be on the Whois database. I guess I have to look up WordPress’ privacy policy.

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Why I’m sticking with my VAIO instead of a MAC

One of my friends asked me why I chose to be a Sony fan rather than an Apple fan. Well, I know I’m not being fair since I haven’t tried using a Mac PC but it’s more of an OS thing really rather than the hardware thing. In terms of products and design, Sony and Mac are both offering their products at a premium compared with similar consumer electronics but the thing is, I’m just more comfortable using Windows than Apple’s OSx.

Besides, I’ve already a couple of expensive software and games installed on my VAIOs running Windows so I don’t want to have to buy a different license just so it would work on Mac. True, there are also some free mac games floating around the net but even the best mac games and software that are free, I still don’t have the time to learn OSx.

Besides, it’s not like I’m completely boycotting Apple, we do have one iPhone in our household and we constantly download iPhone mobile games for that so you can’t say that I’m not buying Apple products.

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Sony’s need for dedicated servers

One would wonder if a big company like Sony utilizes dedicated servers for their Sony Playstation Network website. It’s just that every time they announce a firmware update, I have to wait a few months since I could hardly get hold of their site because of the traffic. Thankfully, there are some gaming websites and forums wherein you can download the files and their server is a Los Angeles dedicated server so I accessing their websites and downloading files is very fast.

Maybe it’s time that Sony transfers some of their funding and invest in bigger servers, preferably with R1Soft Backup so that they could cater to the growing Sony Playstation Network community.

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TV on PC

I’ve been coming upon sites which offers TV on PC. They all promise to offer you access to thousands of TV and movie links and free TV channels all over the world. It’s very enticing and I’ve been thinking of subscribing to one.

Cable and Satellite bills are bit steep for me and these websites offering free TV are only charging a one time fee and I’ll be able to access different channels from around the world. Of course, while watching TV on your PC can probably save me on Cable TV bills, I’d probably have to spend more on Internet Charges as to watch television on PC will eat up a lot of my bandwidth.

It would be a hard decision and I’ll probably have someone with some financial background do the math for me but this would be something I’ll consider for sometime. Of course, if I can access this on my mobile phone, it would probably make my decision much easier.

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Accessories for your Sony Ericsson and wishful mobile phone feature

Okay, so if you live in a neighborhood where you walk down your street and when you get home either your pockets or bags are slashed, then you better make sure that your mobile phone stays close to you. You can opt for a mobile phone holder with a belt strap or if you have small and light mobile phone, you can strap your phone on a retractable badge reels and place it on your belt or hang it on your neck.

Anyways, you know what would be cool feature for a mobile phone? Well, I was looking for plastic card printers since I wanted to make a copy of our company ID. I don’t whether that’s legal but I’m a ditz and I always end up losing my IDs so I thought why not make a copy just in case? It’s just a thought and I don’t know whether the printers would actually make a copy of my ID but I wanted to try anways, going back to the topic, I thought it would be cool if our mobile phones has like a quick print feature. Similar to the old Polaroid cameras. I know that Polaroid is currently developing a digital camera that can print your pictures instantly and if that happens, I’m sure it’s not far behind that our mobile phones will also have that feature. You can print your business cards instantly or print your camera phone’s pictures in a jiffy.

Hopefully,if Polaroid is bent on reclaiming its share in the camera world, the Polaroid digital camera won’t be far behind.

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Free Sony HDTV

So, how would you like to get an hdtv for free? I’m sure those of you who have been using the internet for a while have heard of these kind of offers, and I’m pretty sure your SPAM box is already brimming with free HDTV offers from these different “giveaway” websites. Well, believe it or not, some of them are actually true, of course, this is not first hand information since I haven’t actually tried it out–yet.

But really, it’s not that impossible that companies are capable of giving away free HDTV. These “giveaway” sites work like those “get paid to sign-up” websites. The concept works this way: you have to sign up for a few offers then refer some friends who sign-up for other offers and once you’ve reached the required number of referrals, the website then sends you your free gift. Offers usually don’t cost anything, some would just ask for your email, others would require that you sign up for a one month trial period for their service, etc. Those legitimate sites are not pyramiding schemes but big companies actually pay these sites to drive customers their way and in return, these sites give their customers freebies.

Of course, if you want to try some of these sites out, you should try to set up a new email account dedicated to these sites since expect your inbox to be flooded by spam. Hey, even has an article on this.

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