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When ITL files cannot be found

Sometimes when you want to get the best of both worlds, there’s always some compatibility issues that is bound to crop up. This has happened when after upgrading to service pack 3, my windows XP media center suddenly cannot open or create files with the file extension ITL. I thought this was a software glitch and tried opening DivX files and the latter worked so the problem must be with iTunes itself.

Thankfully, what the guy did on this forum actually helped. Google once again saved the day. I guess that’s what I get for sticking with VAIO rather than MAC.


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Sony’s Walkman Line

It’s really too bad that Sony won’t make an iPod Touch look-alike portable media player. Their Walkman line is good but they’re slowly losing their stand in the portable player department. It’s all thanks to the iPod.

Though I’m a Sony Fangirl I couldn’t help but admire how Steve Jobs is able to sell his products. Even though the Walkman is the pioneer in the portable music department, they’re quickly overshadowed by the iPod. You know how popular a product is when they’re quickly being cloned. There used to be a proliferation of Walkman discs clone in the Chinese market but now Chinese manufacturers are cloning the iPod Touch and rarely clones any other MP4 player.

There are actually some good iPod Touch clones in the market like Onda, Meizu and Optimus. If Sony doesn’t add a new life or design to their Walkman line, it would probably soon be extinct like the betamax and MD player.

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Runtime Error on VAIO PC

I was experiencing a run time error on my VAIO PC. The runtime error for rundll32.exe appeared as well as a message regarding an error for explorer.exe. I usually ignore these messages as they only appear about once or twice in a week and only appears when I shut down my laptop but they’ve been appearing a lot more frequently lately so I’ve scoured the net for some answers.

Thankfully, I found the solution over at lavasoft forums: There were some problems with the NVIDIA drivers that were installed. A quick uninstall and reinstall of the drivers did the fix and I am no longer bothered by the error messages. Once again, the power of Google helped save me from a trip to the Sony store.

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The Sony AR Series

Laptop computers have changed over the past years especially ever since High Definition videos have been introduced. In the days before HD, the smaller your laptop is, the better. Laptops are supposed to be your portable computer, a device which you can carry around with you. But since netbooks and mobile phones are fast becoming laptop replacements, laptops have also evolved into desktop replacements.

The HP HDX series has the biggest laptop screen I’ve seen at a whopping 22 inch (I think). However, HP isn’t marketing their HDX as a laptop but more of a portable media centre. Sony names their VAIO laptop series according to the screen size. The Z series has a 13.1 inch screen, the CS has 14.1 inch, etc. The Sony AR Series, is Sony’s 17 laptop series. This was during the advent of HD when people weren’t content with watching HD content on their 14 inch laptop but were not too comfortable with 22 inch screen like HP’s. But since Sony’s introduction of their new VAIO line, the Sony AR series will be discontinued and will be replaced by the VAIO AW series which have an 18.1 inch screen.

Whether people would prefer the extra 1 inch we could never really tell unless Sony discontinues the AW and resurrect the AR series.

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Using International Call Cards on Your Mobile Phone

I’ve been using international calling cards when calling my loved ones since they really are a lot cheaper compared with the international call rates of AT&T or T-Mobile. However, I’ve been using my international calling card only on landlines as I’m afraid that my wireless carrier might charge me extra.

Then I found out that you can use toll free numbers when calling using your phone cards so I gave it a go. Well, I was surprised that my calling card ran out of credits faster compared with using it on my landline. That was when I saw the fine print: Toll free surcharges apply.

So, your wireless carrier doesn’t charge you for calling toll free numbers but apparently, almost all of the prepaid calling card on the market charges certain fees when using a toll free number so you’re not getting the minutes that you paid for.

Anyways, if like me, you want to use your international calling card on your mobile phone, in order to save on minutes, you should try using the local access number that the phone card provider gave you if you’re under a wireless plan with free nationwide long distance. You’ll be getting extra minutes if you do so.

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I Miss the Mini Disc

sony-mini-discI was cleaning out my room the other day (if you can believe it) and I found my old mini disc player together with my box of mini discs. The mini disc player has a broken LCD though I don’t know if it works anymore since I don’t have spare batteries lying around. Now I’m not the type to get sentimental about old technology since I’m all for new technology but somehow, I feel like the mini disc should be an exemption, but only for data storage. I mean, sure, we already have CDs, DVDs, portable disk drives, and memory cards to store our data to but:

  1. CDs and DVDs are prone to breakage and is hard to store, at least for me. Yes, they do have those plastic casings but since I’m a klutz I’ve already broken two important back-up CDs in the past so I actually hate using these for data storage. Plus some of the CDs I used already developed some sort of fungus. Ugh. Not great and I don’t want to stick those old CDs on my CD drive, I mean HD DVD/Blu-ray drive.
  2. Portable disk drives and memory cards have huge capacity, I think it’s now 16GB but you can’t exactly file them on your shelf. Where will you store them? In a box? Sure, some might like it but when you’re trying to find a particular file, you’ll have to sort through your box of flash drives and memory cards, and how will you label them?

Anyways, I think mini disc has a huge potential to store your files. Sony could up the storage capacity and make a mini disc drive to replace floppy drives. Mini discs are more sturdy since they’re in a plastic casing, they’re easier to store and easier to label. Maybe not a lot of people will go with me but there are some groups who’re clamoring for the return of mini disc especially over at So will this technology make a comeback? All I can do is hope.

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