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Make your time Fruitful

Have you ever had a day gone by and you thought to yourself: jeez, what did I do all day? This kind of scenario usually happens when we don’t know how to manage our time. But thanks to all kinds of software these days, there are task softwares available that would help you manage your time wisely.

The first obvious choice is Outlook’s To-Do list but the To-Do list has a very limited capabilities not to mention you have to spend a lot of dough just to get Outlook on your PC. There are stand alone task software like Outlook’s ToDo list that offers much features. You can try some over at I got to try out FruitfulTime since it has a full trial version.

The software is very easy on your resources and sits quietly on the background. It alerts you of important tasks and separates mini-tasks if you want to break down your most important tasks into little ones. You can also password protect it in case you don’t want anyone seeing what you’re about to do in the course of the day.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with FruitfulTime. I’m going to check out other task software and see how they compare before settling down on anything.


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Marine Audio

If you’re a Sony fanboy/girl and you own a yacht, you might want to rethink getting Sony car audio for your boat. There’s a reason why boat ladders and boat seats are made of different materials compared with cars, it’s because being in the high seas will expose everything on your boat to a damp and corrosive environment that’s why boat manufacturers opt for specially made products for their yachts.

So even though I always recommend Sony products, for your boat’s audio system, you might want to opt for Clarion. Clarion has an exclusive marine audio system line and you can bet that their audio systems would last you a long while since these are specially designed with the high seas in mind.

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Why I’m sticking with my VAIO instead of a MAC

One of my friends asked me why I chose to be a Sony fan rather than an Apple fan. Well, I know I’m not being fair since I haven’t tried using a Mac PC but it’s more of an OS thing really rather than the hardware thing. In terms of products and design, Sony and Mac are both offering their products at a premium compared with similar consumer electronics but the thing is, I’m just more comfortable using Windows than Apple’s OSx.

Besides, I’ve already a couple of expensive software and games installed on my VAIOs running Windows so I don’t want to have to buy a different license just so it would work on Mac. True, there are also some free mac games floating around the net but even the best mac games and software that are free, I still don’t have the time to learn OSx.

Besides, it’s not like I’m completely boycotting Apple, we do have one iPhone in our household and we constantly download iPhone mobile games for that so you can’t say that I’m not buying Apple products.

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TomTom One First Edition

Though I’m a Sony fangirl Sony’s in-car navigation is pretty expensive even for my taste. Besides, my very first in-car navigation device is the TomTom One which until now still proves useful.

The TomTom One has a very Sensitive SiRF Star II GPS chip which means it can easily lock on to the GPS satellites and pinpoint your exact location in a few minutes. The 3.5 inch touch screen is sensitive too and it has a very simple and easy to understand interface. Even my grandmother had no problems using this nifty little device.

The navigation system is pretty accurate and their map coverage of Great Britain is pretty awesome. I wish our GPS maps here in the US could be that accurate. The TomTom One first edition navigation system also has an integrated Bluetooth which means it can connect with your Bluetooth compatible mobile phone so you can use it as a handsfree device.

I got the TomTom One years ago and it was a bit expensive then but there are some refurbished TomTom Ones selling on the net which are refurbished by TomTom and sells under $100. If you’re looking for a cheap and reliable GPS navigation system, then you might as well go or the TomTom One. It’s reliable and will fit anyone’s budget.

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Sony using RFID in its warehouse

So, what’s one of the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturers do in order to increase their return on investment? Well, employ the latest technological advancment on their inventory systems of course. I think it was in 2006 when Sony has deployed video RFID transponders systems in its largest European warehouse. I guess it’s no surpise, with a lot of retailers there are bound to be mistakes that could reduce Sony’s inventory if they rely on old school inventory systems.

RFID has been very effective in tracking a company’s inventory. In fact, even small businesses uses RFID technology on their invetories. Using RFID transponders chips and 2.4 GHz readers (in order to track their inventory over long distance), small companies are able to increase their return on investment by monitoring their inventory closely. Hey, if the current economic situation doesn’t ease up, even the smallest of inventories need to be tracked.

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Progressive Tendencies in Video Technology

It is common knowledge that technology is moving forward in giant steps, no matter whether we mean mobile phones, computers, sound or video systems. What used to be simple, primitive and generally unsophisticated just a few years ago (to say nothing about the time a decade or two ago), has now become complex in terms of its structure and functions (but not necessarily complicated for a common user!), advanced and obviously very sophisticated. Let us take modern video technologies as an example.

A dual image video processor, for instance, offers the perfect balance between flexibility and integration to minimize overall system cost in a highly configurable chip architecture. The device incorporates a host of advanced features allowing picture-in-picture and picture-over-picture functionality, as well as fully programmable main- and sub-picture location and size. It also includes the ability to process JPEG pictures, MP3, WMA, AAC audio and other multimedia content from USB-enabled devices, as well as an IDE hard disk drive interface for high-definition digital video recorders. If we take a/v switches or video converters, another video-enhancing option, they route audio and video input from many computers to multiple displays (projectors, monitors, etc.) and speakers.


These switches can drive standard VGA cables, thus eliminating the need for external interfaces and coax cable connections via BNC connectors. Signals from a range of input sources can be distributed to various output devices. A single computer video output can be routed to one or more monitors. Each video output is buffered from each input, ensuring signal integrity throughout the system. When switching ports, the audio automatically mutes until the video has been synchronized. The audio can also be muted on command. An additional convenience is that you can Configure and control the switch through Ethernet, serial port or front panel buttons. This is the ideal solution for any application where information from many computers is being presented, such as classrooms, boardrooms, trade shows, conference and entertainment facilities, courtrooms, command centers, control rooms.

HDMI cable extenders, in turn, are a perfect solution to HDMI transmission over long cables. As HDTV technology is changing rapidly and HD connections such as HDMI will become the de facto standard in HDTV connections, the challenge of Transmitting HDMI signals over long cables that causes pixelization and signal drop out should be over come. An external HDMI Extender is just the right thins in this case, as it can be placed at the display end of the cable to completely compensate for signal degradation caused by a long HDMI cable. The HDMI Extender will automatically adjust and compensate for cable attenuation and compensate for the long cables causing the impairments. An extra plus is that the plug and play installation of such an extender is simple and easy and requires little time to setup if you are not the most experienced user. Besides, the extewnder is ideal for joining or extending the length of two HDMI cables. Finally, one must note that this compact device supports flat panels, plasma screens, projectors, switches, splitters, computer video displays, set-top boxes, DTV, and DVD with HDMI.

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When ITL files cannot be found

Sometimes when you want to get the best of both worlds, there’s always some compatibility issues that is bound to crop up. This has happened when after upgrading to service pack 3, my windows XP media center suddenly cannot open or create files with the file extension ITL. I thought this was a software glitch and tried opening DivX files and the latter worked so the problem must be with iTunes itself.

Thankfully, what the guy did on this forum actually helped. Google once again saved the day. I guess that’s what I get for sticking with VAIO rather than MAC.

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VAIO accessories: Road Mice Optical Mouse

Okay, if you’re a gadget lover as well as a muscle car fanatic, this Road Mice Optical Mouse from Four Door Media will definitely suit you. I don’t know how it will look if you use it on your VAIO though (it might look like you’re playing with a toy car), but it is guaranteed to turn heads when you’re in a coffee shop. Other available muscle cars include the Chevy Corvette, Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, and Dodge Charger. The Road Mice Optical Mouse is available in different colors and decals and according to Gadget Advisor, it costs $44.95.

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Unlocking the iPhone

Part of the reason why I still haven’t jumped on the iPhone fever is because it can’t be unlocked. That’s a big no-no for me that’s why I’m still waiting for the Xperia X1. Anyways, Cellphone Reviews made a nice post on what seems to be every iPhone and potential iPhone owner’s question: Can the iPhone 3G be unlocked? Check out the post to find out.

Via: Cellphone Reviews

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Another Japanese innovation I admire

Okay, so as the title of my blog goes, I’m a Sony fangirl but I’m also a fan of Japanese innovation. Take Japan’s KIZUNA satellite. While the state of Satellite Internet in the US is not exactly poor considering that HughesNet, a satellite internet provider in the US can give its customers a guaranteed 3mpbs of bandwidth, you just have to envy those that will make use of the KIZUNA satellite considering they have around 1.2 Gbps bandwidth that they can make use of.

Whoa! Just imagine what you can do with 1.2 Gbps of bandwidth. You can download one MP3 in a second not to mention how it would help speed things up in the HD Internet viewing. Last I heard, the Kizuna satellite is still in the testing phase.

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