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New CD Receivers from Sony

Sony just introduced four new CD Receivers: CDX-GT640UI, CDX-GT540, CDX-GT340 and CDX-GT240. The Sony CDX-GT640UI and CDX-GT540 already has front aux-in and USB 1-wire input for your iPods and Walkman players while the latter two only has aux-in though you can connect your iPods using a separate accessory.

All of the new Sony Receivers features RDS technology and the first three are already Satellite and HD radio ready. Retail prices are: $160, $140, $100, and $80, respectively but the CDX-GT340 and CDX-GT240 won’t be available until next month.



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Sony introduces entry level Walkman players

Sony has recently introduced two new entry-level MP3 players on their Walkman line: The E-series and the B Series.

The Sony Walkman E-series MP3 players features a 2 inch colour LCD, MPEG 4 video playback (videos need to be converted), and up to 30 hours battery life/6 hours for video playback.

The Sony Walkman B Series on the other hand has ZAPPIN, up to 18 hours music playback, and FM radio tuner with recording capability.

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Limitations of Mobile Office

If you own the Xperia X1, chances are, you probably love the fact that you have Microsoft Mobile Office on your mobile phone. You can edit and make Word and Excel Documents on the go. However, since the Xperia X1 is not a PC, there are limitations to what MS Mobile Office can do. For one, Mobile Excel cannot save excel files with file extension csv. Unlike the desktop version of Excel wherein you can save as file types to different version of excel and even csv files, Mobile Excel cannot.

If you want to create database files, you need third party applications which you can install on your Xperia. Pockert Database Viewer is one such application which can view and edit CSV files. As for Pocket Word, opening VERY large doc files will take a LONG time. Also, when you transfer the documents you made on your Pocket Word to your PC, you’ll notice that these documents will have the file extension docx. Now if you have Microsoft Office lower than the 2007 version, you need to install some sort of extended application for your MS Word to view these type of files. Don’t worry, it’s free but the application will take up a lot of space from your hard disk drive.

So even though Xperia X1 is cool to carry around on a business trip, I wouldn’t really leave my laptop if I were you.

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Changing cell phone signals on Sony Ericsson Phones

I’ve previously played with my cousin’s windows mobile phone and I couldn’t help but notice that they have a way of switching cell phone signal from GSM to WCDMA or choose it automatically. My Sony Ericsson Phone doesn’t have that option. Yes, I can choose GSM only or GSM or 3G but no option for choosing 3G only signal.

I wish Sony Ericsson would remedy this in the near future. I’ve always tethered my mobile phone to my laptop and sometimes, my phone constantly changes from 2G to 3G and the result is that I get intermittent Internet connection. If I could choose to get 3G signals only, that would solve the problem even if it means, I only get 1 bar of signal. Of course, I can always use a 3G cell phone signal booster but those things costs a lot.

A cell phone booster is a device that would allow you to boost the signal that you’re mobile phone is getting. We all know that indoor signal quality of some providers are crappy so some people would buy these devices.

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Getting ready for the digital TV transition with Bravia TVs

Okay, so I’ve been ready for the digital TV transition ever since I’ve purchased by Bravia TV LCD TV a few years back but for those thinking of buying an HDTV instead of a TV with a digital tuner then it doesn’t hurt to look at Sony’s Bravia TVs. Yes, according to Consumer Electronics Association, you can get a DTV ready TV for as low as $200 but add around $200 more and you can get a spanking new Bravia TV and you’ll be more than ready to meet the DTV transition.

Of course for $400, expect to just get around 19 inch of LCD TV from Sony but I assure you that you’ll get more than DVD standard signals with HDTV and once you go High Def, you never want to turn back. So throw away your analog to digital TV converter voucher and just splurge on an HDTV.

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Why I’m sticking with my VAIO instead of a MAC

One of my friends asked me why I chose to be a Sony fan rather than an Apple fan. Well, I know I’m not being fair since I haven’t tried using a Mac PC but it’s more of an OS thing really rather than the hardware thing. In terms of products and design, Sony and Mac are both offering their products at a premium compared with similar consumer electronics but the thing is, I’m just more comfortable using Windows than Apple’s OSx.

Besides, I’ve already a couple of expensive software and games installed on my VAIOs running Windows so I don’t want to have to buy a different license just so it would work on Mac. True, there are also some free mac games floating around the net but even the best mac games and software that are free, I still don’t have the time to learn OSx.

Besides, it’s not like I’m completely boycotting Apple, we do have one iPhone in our household and we constantly download iPhone mobile games for that so you can’t say that I’m not buying Apple products.

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Sony Ericsson C905

The Sony Ericsson C905 is Sony’s newest cybershot phone that boasts an 8 megapixel camera! 8 megapixel, that’s a lot of camera power, plus it has autofocus and lots of other camera goodies. Sony Ericsson’s previous camera were only 5 megapixels and their latest include the Sony Ericsson W902, a walkman phone with a 5 megapixel camera.

Sony Ericsson C905 reviews say that image quality wise, the C905 is superb. Though of course, I don’t think that this will be enough for photo enthusiasts to throw away their stand alone digital cameras.

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Personalized Ringtones for Contacts on Sony Ericsson Phones

Maybe I’m just neglecting to browser my mobile phones much but it has been only recently when I’ve found out that you can assign different ringtones for your contacts on the Sony Ericsson phones. I’ve downloaded a bunch of free ringtones to see how this works.

For those with Sony Ericsson phones, you only have to go to your contacts menu, select options, select the contact and then select add or edit. You can then personalize the ringtones and even assign pictures for your contacts. Of course, this would only work if your carrier offer caller id services but hey, which carrier nowadays doesn’t, right?

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Sony Adds New Memory Stick to their Memory Stick Line-Up

It seems that I’ve missed on reporting about this. While searching for additional computer memory for my VAIO laptop, it seems that Sony has expanded their line of memory stick.

The newest line of memory stick media is the HX series which Sony states, “offers higher transfer rates especially for large capacity files”. Hmm, with a 20 MB read speed and 15MB write speed, it’s three times faster than the Memory Stick PRO Duo, at least in paper.

Also, I don’t know whether this is Sony’s attempt at preempting the Toshiba backed MOD System which offers movie downloads to memory cards, but Sony has also released their Memory Stick Entertainment Pack which buyers can choose from one of four movies released by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony will be providing buyers with code to unlock the movies of their choice which is optimized for playback on the PS3 and PSP.

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Sony’s New P Series Netbooks

So it looks like the rumors about Sony making VAIO netbooks are true. The confirmation came after Sony leaked photos of their P Series on their Sony Style Store. The P Series will sport a 1.33 GHz Intel Processor, 8″ LCD, 60GB hard drive w/ optional 128GB Solid State Drive, and comes with Microsoft Vista Home Premium or Home Basic.

To date, Sony’s smallest screen VAIO laptop is the TT Series but price for the TT Series is around $1,+++. It would be nice to have a cheaper version though knowing Sony, their netbooks will probably be also sold at a premium.

Via: Engadget

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