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Getting ready for the digital TV transition with Bravia TVs

Okay, so I’ve been ready for the digital TV transition ever since I’ve purchased by Bravia TV LCD TV a few years back but for those thinking of buying an HDTV instead of a TV with a digital tuner then it doesn’t hurt to look at Sony’s Bravia TVs. Yes, according to Consumer Electronics Association, you can get a DTV ready TV for as low as $200 but add around $200 more and you can get a spanking new Bravia TV and you’ll be more than ready to meet the DTV transition.

Of course for $400, expect to just get around 19 inch of LCD TV from Sony but I assure you that you’ll get more than DVD standard signals with HDTV and once you go High Def, you never want to turn back. So throw away your analog to digital TV converter voucher and just splurge on an HDTV.


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Sony Bravia VPL-VW80 Projector

As if having a 46 inch LCD TV isn’t enough, Sony feels the need to burn a hole in movie enthusiasts’ pockets and gave us simple folks another reason to envy the rich: The Sony Bravia VPL-VW80 Full HD Projector.

Yep, you can now enjoy your favorite movie in your own home theater in Full 1080p HD. Yet another reason not to watch a movie and just wait for it on DVD or a much better choice: Blu-ray.

The Sony Bravia VPL -VW80 SXRD projector also features ultra smooth action using high frame rate SXRD with Motionflow Dark frame insertion and Bravia Engine 2 signal processing. All I can say is; if Santa’s real, I want this as my Christmas gift.

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Sony Bravia X4500 Series

The Sony Bravia X4500 range is Sony’s latest HDTV models available in 40, 46, and 55 inch models. The Sony Bravia X4500 series features a floating design and has additional sterling silver speaker covers or you can choose from optional Black or Red sterling covers in order to complement your home decor.

The Sony Bravia X4500 also features the new Motionflow PRO100Hz technology which allows you to watch smoother and sharper fast action scenes. The Sony Bravia X4500 also has an integrated USB port so you can connect your USB stick or digital camera to view your pictures direct from the source without having to transfer it to a CD.

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Sony Bravia S4000 Series

LCD TV on the living room

For those looking for an LCD TV with a simple yet elegant design, Sony has introduced their new Bravia S4000 Series. The Sony Bravia S4000 series have four screen sizes to choose from, the 26S4000 (26 inch), 32S4000 (32 inch), 37S4000 (37 inch), and the 40S4000 (40 inch).

All models are capable of 1080p Full HD playback, integrated DVB-C/DVB-T tuner, Bravia Engine 2, three HDMI sockets, and 24p True Cinema mode on the 40 inch model.

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Sony Bravia Internet Video Link now offering YouTube content

Not to be outdone by Panasonic, Sony has now YouTube content on their Bravia Internet Video Link. Other content offered on the Sony Bravia Internet Video link includes: Yahoo!, AOL, Sports Illustrated,, CondéNet’s,, Epicurious and channels, Sony Pictures’ Crackle, The Minisode Network and Inside Sony Pictures channels, FEARnet, Ford Models, SingingFool, and VideoDetective.

The Sony Bravia Internet Video Link is a small device attached to the back of selected Sony Bravia HDTVs. You need a broadband connection in order to view different types of content.

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Sony Bravia V4500 Series

Sony Bravia V4500And here we have another new Bravia LCD TV, the Sony Bravia V4500 Series. The Sony Bravia V4500 Series has an integrated MPEG-4 AVC HD tuner so users can enjoy terrestrial HDTV programs. Like the previous Bravia series released by Sony, The Sony Bravia V4500 also has a picture frame mode.

The Sony Bravia V4500 Series is available in 26, 32, and 37 inch models and it has a WXGA 1360 x 768 resolution. Contrast ratio for the Sony Bravia V4500 is at 33000:1.

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Sony Bravia E4000 Series

Sony Bravia E4000 SeriesSony is again releasing a new Bravia Series: The Bravia E4000. Sony’s Bravia E4000 series has the most decent design amongst Sony’s Bravia LCD. Sony’s Bravia E4000 series would blend well with any decor. Unlike other LCD TVs, you can choose your frame color from four options: Midnight Sky, Aluminium, Pearly White and Dark Walnut.

The Sony Bravia E4000 series, when mounted on the wall, would look like a giant picture frame and would blend well if you have an array of paintings dotting your wall. Like the Bravia W4000 series, the Bravia E4000 series has the picture frame mode (See my most on the Bravia W4000). You can even choose from six default masterpieces, from landscapes to Van Gogh.

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Sony Announced the Bravia W4000 Series LCD TV

Sony Bravia W4000 LCD TVIf you ever want a 32, 37, or 42 incher digital picture frame and an LCD TV in one, the new Sony Bravia W4000 Series LCD TV might just be the thing you’re looking for. The picture frame mode on the new Bravia W4000 Series’ picture frame mode switches the TV to a reduced brightness when it is not being used and displays digital photos in HD quality. The Bravia W4000 Series’ picture frame mode uses 35 percent less power compared with using the TV viewing mode.

Sony’s new Bravia series also includes an integrated HDTV tuner, AVC-HD decoder, DVB-T digital tuner, and cable TV tuner which can handle HD services. The Sony Bravia W4000 series 1080p Full HD capable and has the Bravia Engine 2.

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