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New CD Receivers from Sony

Sony just introduced four new CD Receivers: CDX-GT640UI, CDX-GT540, CDX-GT340 and CDX-GT240. The Sony CDX-GT640UI and CDX-GT540 already has front aux-in and USB 1-wire input for your iPods and Walkman players while the latter two only has aux-in though you can connect your iPods using a separate accessory.

All of the new Sony Receivers features RDS technology and the first three are already Satellite and HD radio ready. Retail prices are: $160, $140, $100, and $80, respectively but the CDX-GT340 and CDX-GT240 won’t be available until next month.



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Sony Adds New Memory Stick to their Memory Stick Line-Up

It seems that I’ve missed on reporting about this. While searching for additional computer memory for my VAIO laptop, it seems that Sony has expanded their line of memory stick.

The newest line of memory stick media is the HX series which Sony states, “offers higher transfer rates especially for large capacity files”. Hmm, with a 20 MB read speed and 15MB write speed, it’s three times faster than the Memory Stick PRO Duo, at least in paper.

Also, I don’t know whether this is Sony’s attempt at preempting the Toshiba backed MOD System which offers movie downloads to memory cards, but Sony has also released their Memory Stick Entertainment Pack which buyers can choose from one of four movies released by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony will be providing buyers with code to unlock the movies of their choice which is optimized for playback on the PS3 and PSP.

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Sony Playstation Network

Hoping to get into the action of online games, Sony has set up their own online store for the PS3 and their playstation consoles. Thought its not exactly like the other free online games on the internet since you need a playstation console and you have to buy the CDs of the games, at least you can play with your friends even when they’re on the other side of the country compared with having them over for beer and chips in your home.

This is what sets the PS3 apart from the previous consoles, the ability to play massively multiplayer games online. Sports games are also popular at Sony’s Online store. Sony’s Playstation Network seems to be the place for premium online games (much like their other consumer electronics that carriers a premium price compared with its competitors). Honestly, though I’m a Sony Fangirl, I just find their online games complicated. I’d much rather prefer the free online games going around on the net which are simple and flash based. Sports games and puzzle games are my favorite though if I want my online gaming to be a bit more complicated, I usually visit the Playstation Network to see what’s new.

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Sony’s Walkman Line

It’s really too bad that Sony won’t make an iPod Touch look-alike portable media player. Their Walkman line is good but they’re slowly losing their stand in the portable player department. It’s all thanks to the iPod.

Though I’m a Sony Fangirl I couldn’t help but admire how Steve Jobs is able to sell his products. Even though the Walkman is the pioneer in the portable music department, they’re quickly overshadowed by the iPod. You know how popular a product is when they’re quickly being cloned. There used to be a proliferation of Walkman discs clone in the Chinese market but now Chinese manufacturers are cloning the iPod Touch and rarely clones any other MP4 player.

There are actually some good iPod Touch clones in the market like Onda, Meizu and Optimus. If Sony doesn’t add a new life or design to their Walkman line, it would probably soon be extinct like the betamax and MD player.

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I Miss the Mini Disc

sony-mini-discI was cleaning out my room the other day (if you can believe it) and I found my old mini disc player together with my box of mini discs. The mini disc player has a broken LCD though I don’t know if it works anymore since I don’t have spare batteries lying around. Now I’m not the type to get sentimental about old technology since I’m all for new technology but somehow, I feel like the mini disc should be an exemption, but only for data storage. I mean, sure, we already have CDs, DVDs, portable disk drives, and memory cards to store our data to but:

  1. CDs and DVDs are prone to breakage and is hard to store, at least for me. Yes, they do have those plastic casings but since I’m a klutz I’ve already broken two important back-up CDs in the past so I actually hate using these for data storage. Plus some of the CDs I used already developed some sort of fungus. Ugh. Not great and I don’t want to stick those old CDs on my CD drive, I mean HD DVD/Blu-ray drive.
  2. Portable disk drives and memory cards have huge capacity, I think it’s now 16GB but you can’t exactly file them on your shelf. Where will you store them? In a box? Sure, some might like it but when you’re trying to find a particular file, you’ll have to sort through your box of flash drives and memory cards, and how will you label them?

Anyways, I think mini disc has a huge potential to store your files. Sony could up the storage capacity and make a mini disc drive to replace floppy drives. Mini discs are more sturdy since they’re in a plastic casing, they’re easier to store and easier to label. Maybe not a lot of people will go with me but there are some groups who’re clamoring for the return of mini disc especially over at So will this technology make a comeback? All I can do is hope.

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Ways to Get free Sony Gadgets

Okay, so we all love Sony’s gadgets, right? They’re sleek, innovative and totally “in” but the big problem is that, they’re also expensive. Compared with other consumer electronics from manufacturers such as Samsung, GE, HP, etc, Sony’s products are sold at a premium. So what’s the average American in this time of financial crisis to do in order to get their hands on some Sony Goodies? Well, here are some things you can try:

  1. If you have your eye on a PS3 or maybe even the Wii and some other popular gadgets, you might want to try referral websites. Some referral websites offers free PS3, Wii, HDTV, iPhone, etc, and in exchange, all you have to do is try out some of the products they’re offering and refer your friends. Usually, it’s no cost to you but some services offering require that you leave your credit card info or try out one month’s service for a fee. Some of these referral website are actually legitimate and they’re even featured in the news. The concept is similar to credit card companies asking you to refer your friends in order to get free items.
  2. You can also try your luck by joining the thousands of contests on the internet. Try searching in forums or just use Google. One contest you can try is’s Video Game sweepstakes, you just fill out your details and you can get a free Guitar Hero video game in PS3 or Xbox 360 platform.

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Shopping at SonyStyle Online Store

As a Sony fangirl, I always find it a duty to go and visit the SonyStyle store to see what’s new and what’s on a bargain. I really like what Sony did with the site’s design. The SonyStyle store gives you a feeling that you’re not just online shopping but you’re also “window shopping” as well. With other online stores, browsing through their product catalogue is no fun. Take the Dell Online Store. The website is boring, has no depth and doesn’t even have a design. It makes you think that Dell computers are BORING.

On the other hand, the SonyStyle store has both class and style. Plus of course, if you’re a real fanboy/fangirl, you’d also want to drool over all their new goodies.

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Sony Network Port Numbers

Just because you have an aging PS2 doesn’t mean you can’t play games online with it. The Sony PS3 is not the only console that is capable of playing games online. If you do a bit of research and tweaking, you can actually set up your Sony PS2 to play network games. Once you have your PS2 set-up, you will need the port numbers to play the different network games.

Some of the users over at the Playstation boards posted the port numbers used by SOCOM. Apparently, port 10080 is used by SOCOM but upon taking a look over at PC Library, port 10080 is registered to an application called “Amanda”. Anyways, I don’t know whether this would make port 10080 unusable for SOCOM but hey, they TCP Port for SOCOM has the range of 10070-10080 so you have nine more ports to try.

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New Bigger Digital Photo Frames from Sony

Sony introduced two new digital photo frames with bigger sizes. The Sony DPF-D80 has an 8 inch LCD while the Sony DPF-D100 has a 10 inch LCD screen. Both digital picture frames features a photo-realistic SVGA panel, auto orientation for portrait or landscape photo display, internal memory that supports up to 500 images, and supports various memory cards such as SD, MS, MS Duo, CF, and XD card.

The Sony DPF-D80 and Sony DPF-D100 will be available starting October 2008 in Europe.

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Sony launched the JS1 controller from Zeemote

Sony and its partner, Zeemote, recently launched the controller that would take mobile gaming in a higher level – the JS1 controller. The JS1 has a walkman feature that would work with the W760i. Moreover, it also has a GPS function that would also work with the same device. The JS1 controller will let the users have an almost-gaming console experience even though they are just using a mobile phone. It also has a built-in camera with 3.2 megapixel.

There are four trigger buttons and a thumbstick so that users can have an analogue control experience. This can be done via Bluetooth so that users can engage playing with mobile games

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