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Ways to Get free Sony Gadgets

Okay, so we all love Sony’s gadgets, right? They’re sleek, innovative and totally “in” but the big problem is that, they’re also expensive. Compared with other consumer electronics from manufacturers such as Samsung, GE, HP, etc, Sony’s products are sold at a premium. So what’s the average American in this time of financial crisis to do in order to get their hands on some Sony Goodies? Well, here are some things you can try:

  1. If you have your eye on a PS3 or maybe even the Wii and some other popular gadgets, you might want to try referral websites. Some referral websites offers free PS3, Wii, HDTV, iPhone, etc, and in exchange, all you have to do is try out some of the products they’re offering and refer your friends. Usually, it’s no cost to you but some services offering require that you leave your credit card info or try out one month’s service for a fee. Some of these referral website are actually legitimate and they’re even featured in the news. The concept is similar to credit card companies asking you to refer your friends in order to get free items.
  2. You can also try your luck by joining the thousands of contests on the internet. Try searching in forums or just use Google. One contest you can try is’s Video Game sweepstakes, you just fill out your details and you can get a free Guitar Hero video game in PS3 or Xbox 360 platform.

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VAIO accessories: Road Mice Optical Mouse

Okay, if you’re a gadget lover as well as a muscle car fanatic, this Road Mice Optical Mouse from Four Door Media will definitely suit you. I don’t know how it will look if you use it on your VAIO though (it might look like you’re playing with a toy car), but it is guaranteed to turn heads when you’re in a coffee shop. Other available muscle cars include the Chevy Corvette, Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, and Dodge Charger. The Road Mice Optical Mouse is available in different colors and decals and according to Gadget Advisor, it costs $44.95.

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Sony’s New Digital Photo Frames

The Sony DPF-D80 Digital picture frame

The Sony DPF-D80 Digital picture frame

Sony has just released two new digital photo frames to add in their growing line of S-Frame digital photo frames. Amongst the new features include a 4:3 aspect ration, a first in Sony’s digital photo frame line, advanced image processing feature which allows images to be displayed up to 48 megapixels and a 200MB of internal storage capacity. Another feature available on Sony’s new digital photo frames is an auto rotation feature which detects when the picture frame is displayed horizontally or vertically.

One of the models, the DPF-D80 is already available at all Sony Style Stores for $180 while the other model, the Sony DPF-D100 is available for pre-order and will be released in november for $280.

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The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 is now available in the UK

Some UK networks such as O2 and Vodaphone have announced that they will be carrying the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 however, it seems that they’re still not offering the phone directly from their website. Online retailers like carphonewarehouse and Expansys are offering the XPERIA X1 with a contract for 18 months though. Man, they’re so lucky. Anyways, I don’t know which carrier will carry it here but apparently, some lucky b*stard here in the US already has it. On Cellphone Reviews’ Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Review, she mentioned that bengalboy got to test it.

Anyways, check out the link on her post. I got tired of weeding through all the pictures of half naked women from read bengalboy’s review but if you look hard enough you might be able to find some clues as to which carrier will work with the XPERIA X1.

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Spanish-English Dictionary for the Sony Ericsson

My brother has an aging Sony Ericsson P900 phone which I kept nagging him to replace with the Sony Ericsson P1i. Anyways, he was asking me if I know of a compatible English-Spanish dictionary which he can install on his phone since he’s going to stay in Spain for a few months. I asked what he needed the software for considering that I think he aced his spanish class (but then again, that was decades ago). He said he needed to polish up on his Spanish since he couldn’t even translate the simple phrase, cobertura adsl (adsl coverage). I think that phrase popped up when he was trying to find an adsl provider so that he can stay connected even while away (I tried to help but most websites from Spain are in Spanish and I flunked that class).

Anyways, I recommended LingvoSoft Spanish-English dictionary for Symbian, I think they have a version which is compatible with the Sony Ericsson P900. I’ve used LingvoSoft on my windows mobile device and they have a pretty good software. has a link to the trial version if you’re interested.

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Shopping at SonyStyle Online Store

As a Sony fangirl, I always find it a duty to go and visit the SonyStyle store to see what’s new and what’s on a bargain. I really like what Sony did with the site’s design. The SonyStyle store gives you a feeling that you’re not just online shopping but you’re also “window shopping” as well. With other online stores, browsing through their product catalogue is no fun. Take the Dell Online Store. The website is boring, has no depth and doesn’t even have a design. It makes you think that Dell computers are BORING.

On the other hand, the SonyStyle store has both class and style. Plus of course, if you’re a real fanboy/fangirl, you’d also want to drool over all their new goodies.

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Unlocking the iPhone

Part of the reason why I still haven’t jumped on the iPhone fever is because it can’t be unlocked. That’s a big no-no for me that’s why I’m still waiting for the Xperia X1. Anyways, Cellphone Reviews made a nice post on what seems to be every iPhone and potential iPhone owner’s question: Can the iPhone 3G be unlocked? Check out the post to find out.

Via: Cellphone Reviews

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Upgrade or Keep Vista?

Let’s face it, though you really like your brand spanking new VAIO, we all hate the Windows Vista that comes with it. That’s why some of us would go through all the trouble of replacing Vista with XP. However, the problem is that when you downgrade to XP, you have to install all the drivers on your Sony VAIO. And I do mean ALL. From the motherboard, video card drivers, sound card drivers, etc.

Now since Windows Vista already comes pre-installed on the device, most likely you won’t find the drivers needed on the CD because most of the time, it would just be a recovery CD that comes with your VAIO laptop. You can try to find a website that has an extensive Driver Library for your PC and if you can’t find the specific device driver, you have to scour the Internet. It’s a pretty painful process I have to tell you so the question really is: Are you that bent on replacing Vista? If not then let’s just stick with it, if you are, well, good luck on your driver hunting.

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Playing DivX files on your Sony VAIO

Sony VAIO laptops are designed to be a multimedia fun house. You have a nice screen plus cool speakers, it’s just too bad that with all the junk software that comes with purchasing a Sony VAIO, Sony didn’t even bother to add the essential tools like a DivX player.

If you want to play DVDs and MP3 files on your hard disk instantly without having to boot up your PC, you can use the VAIO’s instant mode to do that. However, like I said, since Sony doesn’t support DiVX files, you have to manually do this. For those not in the know, files with the file extension DivX are video files that are encoded with the DiVX encoder. Though most DiVX encoded videos usually have the file extension .avi. Anyways, you need to download the DiVX media player or DivX codec in order to play these files. I recommend downloading only the codec since you probably don’t need another media player on your VAIO that could slow things down.

Or, if you don’t wan to download the codec, you can just download the VLC media player. A powerful media player that plays almost ALL video formats. You don’t have to download any codecs plus it has a small memory footprint.

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New VAIO laptops and PC

Sony has let loose a new PC and VAIO series, the Sony JS1 Series and the Sony VAIO NS Series. The Sony VAIO JS1 series is an all-in-one PC, similar to the Mac and Dell’s XPS One. The JS1 has a 20 inch screen, Intel Core 2 Duo processor E7200, and a 3GB of RAM. The VAIO NS Series on the other hand has the flagship VAIO VGN-NS11Z/S laptop with Blu-ray drive and a 15 inch screen. Other features include Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 processor, 4GB RAM, and 320GB hard disk drive.

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