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Sony’s New P Series Netbooks

So it looks like the rumors about Sony making VAIO netbooks are true. The confirmation came after Sony leaked photos of their P Series on their Sony Style Store. The P Series will sport a 1.33 GHz Intel Processor, 8″ LCD, 60GB hard drive w/ optional 128GB Solid State Drive, and comes with Microsoft Vista Home Premium or Home Basic.

To date, Sony’s smallest screen VAIO laptop is the TT Series but price for the TT Series is around $1,+++. It would be nice to have a cheaper version though knowing Sony, their netbooks will probably be also sold at a premium.

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Sony using RFID in its warehouse

So, what’s one of the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturers do in order to increase their return on investment? Well, employ the latest technological advancment on their inventory systems of course. I think it was in 2006 when Sony has deployed video RFID transponders systems in its largest European warehouse. I guess it’s no surpise, with a lot of retailers there are bound to be mistakes that could reduce Sony’s inventory if they rely on old school inventory systems.

RFID has been very effective in tracking a company’s inventory. In fact, even small businesses uses RFID technology on their invetories. Using RFID transponders chips and 2.4 GHz readers (in order to track their inventory over long distance), small companies are able to increase their return on investment by monitoring their inventory closely. Hey, if the current economic situation doesn’t ease up, even the smallest of inventories need to be tracked.

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Sony Playstation Network

Hoping to get into the action of online games, Sony has set up their own online store for the PS3 and their playstation consoles. Thought its not exactly like the other free online games on the internet since you need a playstation console and you have to buy the CDs of the games, at least you can play with your friends even when they’re on the other side of the country compared with having them over for beer and chips in your home.

This is what sets the PS3 apart from the previous consoles, the ability to play massively multiplayer games online. Sports games are also popular at Sony’s Online store. Sony’s Playstation Network seems to be the place for premium online games (much like their other consumer electronics that carriers a premium price compared with its competitors). Honestly, though I’m a Sony Fangirl, I just find their online games complicated. I’d much rather prefer the free online games going around on the net which are simple and flash based. Sports games and puzzle games are my favorite though if I want my online gaming to be a bit more complicated, I usually visit the Playstation Network to see what’s new.

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Accessories for your Sony Ericsson and wishful mobile phone feature

Okay, so if you live in a neighborhood where you walk down your street and when you get home either your pockets or bags are slashed, then you better make sure that your mobile phone stays close to you. You can opt for a mobile phone holder with a belt strap or if you have small and light mobile phone, you can strap your phone on a retractable badge reels and place it on your belt or hang it on your neck.

Anyways, you know what would be cool feature for a mobile phone? Well, I was looking for plastic card printers since I wanted to make a copy of our company ID. I don’t whether that’s legal but I’m a ditz and I always end up losing my IDs so I thought why not make a copy just in case? It’s just a thought and I don’t know whether the printers would actually make a copy of my ID but I wanted to try anways, going back to the topic, I thought it would be cool if our mobile phones has like a quick print feature. Similar to the old Polaroid cameras. I know that Polaroid is currently developing a digital camera that can print your pictures instantly and if that happens, I’m sure it’s not far behind that our mobile phones will also have that feature. You can print your business cards instantly or print your camera phone’s pictures in a jiffy.

Hopefully,if Polaroid is bent on reclaiming its share in the camera world, the Polaroid digital camera won’t be far behind.

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Progressive Tendencies in Video Technology

It is common knowledge that technology is moving forward in giant steps, no matter whether we mean mobile phones, computers, sound or video systems. What used to be simple, primitive and generally unsophisticated just a few years ago (to say nothing about the time a decade or two ago), has now become complex in terms of its structure and functions (but not necessarily complicated for a common user!), advanced and obviously very sophisticated. Let us take modern video technologies as an example.

A dual image video processor, for instance, offers the perfect balance between flexibility and integration to minimize overall system cost in a highly configurable chip architecture. The device incorporates a host of advanced features allowing picture-in-picture and picture-over-picture functionality, as well as fully programmable main- and sub-picture location and size. It also includes the ability to process JPEG pictures, MP3, WMA, AAC audio and other multimedia content from USB-enabled devices, as well as an IDE hard disk drive interface for high-definition digital video recorders. If we take a/v switches or video converters, another video-enhancing option, they route audio and video input from many computers to multiple displays (projectors, monitors, etc.) and speakers.


These switches can drive standard VGA cables, thus eliminating the need for external interfaces and coax cable connections via BNC connectors. Signals from a range of input sources can be distributed to various output devices. A single computer video output can be routed to one or more monitors. Each video output is buffered from each input, ensuring signal integrity throughout the system. When switching ports, the audio automatically mutes until the video has been synchronized. The audio can also be muted on command. An additional convenience is that you can Configure and control the switch through Ethernet, serial port or front panel buttons. This is the ideal solution for any application where information from many computers is being presented, such as classrooms, boardrooms, trade shows, conference and entertainment facilities, courtrooms, command centers, control rooms.

HDMI cable extenders, in turn, are a perfect solution to HDMI transmission over long cables. As HDTV technology is changing rapidly and HD connections such as HDMI will become the de facto standard in HDTV connections, the challenge of Transmitting HDMI signals over long cables that causes pixelization and signal drop out should be over come. An external HDMI Extender is just the right thins in this case, as it can be placed at the display end of the cable to completely compensate for signal degradation caused by a long HDMI cable. The HDMI Extender will automatically adjust and compensate for cable attenuation and compensate for the long cables causing the impairments. An extra plus is that the plug and play installation of such an extender is simple and easy and requires little time to setup if you are not the most experienced user. Besides, the extewnder is ideal for joining or extending the length of two HDMI cables. Finally, one must note that this compact device supports flat panels, plasma screens, projectors, switches, splitters, computer video displays, set-top boxes, DTV, and DVD with HDMI.

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Overview: Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia Mobile Phone

A great revolution has taken place in the mobile industry after the introduction of touch screen models. One such introduction is Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia Mobile Phone and this is a smart phone that comes with a stainless steel casing. It has a unique design has a user interface which comes with a dimension of 110mm height, 53mm width and 17mm depth. The total weight of the mobile phone is 145g. The size of the display is 3 inch TFT VGA display touch screen that comes with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.

It has a sliding QWERTY keypad offering typing position and this is a complete imaging and entertainment mobile phone, a gift for the entertainment lovers. The camera integrated in this model is 3.2 mega pixels with a motion sensor and the picture editing features. This mobile phone has a dedicated video chip which is capable of recording video at 30 frames per second offering a DVD video output. The pre-loaded MP3 player and the FM radio help the users to have a complete entertainment.

This Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia Mobile Phone is integrated with A-GPS and has the connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA and HSUPA are the technologies that are available in this model along with a faster uploading speed of 5.7mbps. This is a 3G mobile phone that comes with video calling capability. Push email and RSS newsreader are the other features available in this model.

This has a handwriting recognition feature and runs with Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system along with Office mobile and Outlook mobile. The handset is installed with Microsoft Pocket Office allowing the users to view Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents and PDF formats too. This has a 400MB internal memory, 256MB RAM and 512MB storage memory. With all these incredible features this is definitely a recreational device.

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