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Sony Ericsson Ringtones

I know that the most common ringtones nowadays are MP3 ringtones from your favorite artists but I still find it cute whenever I hear a custom ringtone. Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and other mobile phone manufacturers have custom mobile ringtones preinstalled on their devices so when you hear a particular message tone, you’ll automatically associate it with Nokia, Samsung, etc.

Before there were MP3 ringtones, Nokia had this application on their mobile phones that allow you to compose ringtones on your phone. The application is like piano player and all you have to do is know a particular piano piece and you can convert that to a ringtone on Nokia’s phones. Sony Ericsson has a similar application called Music DJ but instead of just one instrument, Music DJ makes use of a variety of instruments so your ringtone is not just a monophonic ringtone but a polyphonic one at that.

It’s a pretty cool application though I have yet to create my masterpiece. If you’re music-centered, you might want to give MusicDJ a try. Who knows, your composition might just become the next Sony Ericsson ringtone.


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Make your time Fruitful

Have you ever had a day gone by and you thought to yourself: jeez, what did I do all day? This kind of scenario usually happens when we don’t know how to manage our time. But thanks to all kinds of software these days, there are task softwares available that would help you manage your time wisely.

The first obvious choice is Outlook’s To-Do list but the To-Do list has a very limited capabilities not to mention you have to spend a lot of dough just to get Outlook on your PC. There are stand alone task software like Outlook’s ToDo list that offers much features. You can try some over at I got to try out FruitfulTime since it has a full trial version.

The software is very easy on your resources and sits quietly on the background. It alerts you of important tasks and separates mini-tasks if you want to break down your most important tasks into little ones. You can also password protect it in case you don’t want anyone seeing what you’re about to do in the course of the day.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with FruitfulTime. I’m going to check out other task software and see how they compare before settling down on anything.

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