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I Miss the Mini Disc

sony-mini-discI was cleaning out my room the other day (if you can believe it) and I found my old mini disc player together with my box of mini discs. The mini disc player has a broken LCD though I don’t know if it works anymore since I don’t have spare batteries lying around. Now I’m not the type to get sentimental about old technology since I’m all for new technology but somehow, I feel like the mini disc should be an exemption, but only for data storage. I mean, sure, we already have CDs, DVDs, portable disk drives, and memory cards to store our data to but:

  1. CDs and DVDs are prone to breakage and is hard to store, at least for me. Yes, they do have those plastic casings but since I’m a klutz I’ve already broken two important back-up CDs in the past so I actually hate using these for data storage. Plus some of the CDs I used already developed some sort of fungus. Ugh. Not great and I don’t want to stick those old CDs on my CD drive, I mean HD DVD/Blu-ray drive.
  2. Portable disk drives and memory cards have huge capacity, I think it’s now 16GB but you can’t exactly file them on your shelf. Where will you store them? In a box? Sure, some might like it but when you’re trying to find a particular file, you’ll have to sort through your box of flash drives and memory cards, and how will you label them?

Anyways, I think mini disc has a huge potential to store your files. Sony could up the storage capacity and make a mini disc drive to replace floppy drives. Mini discs are more sturdy since they’re in a plastic casing, they’re easier to store and easier to label. Maybe not a lot of people will go with me but there are some groups who’re clamoring for the return of mini disc especially over at So will this technology make a comeback? All I can do is hope.


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The Sony a900

Whoa! I know what would be on top of my Christmas list: The Sony a900 digital SLR. So, what’s so good about this product you say? Well, it’s only the world’s first 24.6 megapixel full frame camera. The Sony a900 DSL is also equipped with a 3 inch high resolution LCD screen, enhanced steady shot, dual BIONZ image processor, 9 point AF with 10 focus assist points, and continuous shooting at 5fps.

The Sony a900 will be available starting October 2008. The price? Will probably burn a hole in Santa’s pockets.

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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T700

Another new digital camera from Sony is the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T700. Like the Cyber-Shot DSC-T77, the Sony DSC-T700 also features five colors: black, silver, gold, pink and red.

Features on the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T700 includes: a slim design, 10.1 effective megapixels, 4GB internal memory, smile shutter, face detection, and anti-blink technology, and a 3.5 inch touch screen LCD.

Interestingly, the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T700 has an album features which lets you store all your digital pictures and show them off to your friends. The Anti-Blink technology is a new one, the camera takes two shot and using the face detection technology, it analyzes the picture whether the subject blinked or not and saves the pictures where the subject has their eye open.

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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T77

Sony has introduced another model to their fashion digital camera line, the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T77.

The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T77 features a super-slim design and is available in five colours: black, silver, pink, green and brown. In fact, the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T77 is so slim that Sony is calling it: the World’s slimmest camera.

Features on the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T77 includes, 10.1 effective megapixels, smile shutter, face detection, and anti-blink technology, 4x optical zoom lens, and a 3 inch touch screen LCD.

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