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PSP Pandora battery

If you own a PSP and you’re looking to learn how to unbrick or unlock your PSP, you’ve probably heard of the infamous PSP Pandora battery. Why the PSP needs that particular kind of battery, I do not know. Unbricking or unlocking your PSP is a bit too technical and even I haven’t tried it because of the complicated procedures.

If you want to know how to unlock your PSP using the Pandora battery, you can visit a lot of popular PSP forums. The benefits of unlocking or unbricking your PSP? Well, some say if you unbrick your PSP, you’ll be able to customized the firmware and when you do that, you’ll be able to load a lot of cool applications for your PSP, one of them is the PSX or PS1 emulator which lets you play PS1 games on your PSP.


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Using International Call Cards on Your Mobile Phone

I’ve been using international calling cards when calling my loved ones since they really are a lot cheaper compared with the international call rates of AT&T or T-Mobile. However, I’ve been using my international calling card only on landlines as I’m afraid that my wireless carrier might charge me extra.

Then I found out that you can use toll free numbers when calling using your phone cards so I gave it a go. Well, I was surprised that my calling card ran out of credits faster compared with using it on my landline. That was when I saw the fine print: Toll free surcharges apply.

So, your wireless carrier doesn’t charge you for calling toll free numbers but apparently, almost all of the prepaid calling card on the market charges certain fees when using a toll free number so you’re not getting the minutes that you paid for.

Anyways, if like me, you want to use your international calling card on your mobile phone, in order to save on minutes, you should try using the local access number that the phone card provider gave you if you’re under a wireless plan with free nationwide long distance. You’ll be getting extra minutes if you do so.

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Playing DivX files on your Sony VAIO

Sony VAIO laptops are designed to be a multimedia fun house. You have a nice screen plus cool speakers, it’s just too bad that with all the junk software that comes with purchasing a Sony VAIO, Sony didn’t even bother to add the essential tools like a DivX player.

If you want to play DVDs and MP3 files on your hard disk instantly without having to boot up your PC, you can use the VAIO’s instant mode to do that. However, like I said, since Sony doesn’t support DiVX files, you have to manually do this. For those not in the know, files with the file extension DivX are video files that are encoded with the DiVX encoder. Though most DiVX encoded videos usually have the file extension .avi. Anyways, you need to download the DiVX media player or DivX codec in order to play these files. I recommend downloading only the codec since you probably don’t need another media player on your VAIO that could slow things down.

Or, if you don’t wan to download the codec, you can just download the VLC media player. A powerful media player that plays almost ALL video formats. You don’t have to download any codecs plus it has a small memory footprint.

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Income Protection Insurance – Rising claims rates

A bit off topic but definitely on-topic with regards to current issues.

Earlier this year, Insurance companies announced that they will pay more claims for Critical Illness, Income Protection Insurance and Life Insurance where medical information has not been disclosed, unless the customer deliberately withheld it.

Where relevant information has not been provided, insurers will pay customers a fair sum, reflecting risk and premiums paid. In a small number of exceptional cases, premiums will be refunded if the insurer would not have taken on the policy if they had known the full facts.

This new commitment follows recent improvements in policy application forms and clarity of communication to customers. These are already leading to a fall in the number of declined claims for Critical Illness, Income Protection and Life Insurance policies.

Stephen Haddrill, the ABI’s Director General, said:

“Customers want to know that their insurance claim will always be assessed fairly and paid without fuss. The industry wants customers to be able to take out insurance with confidence. Insurers have signed up to ensuring both of these happen. The number of income protection claims that are turned down will fall.”

This is most certainly good news as completing insurance application forms can be difficult and something that an applicant didn’t think important may be viewed completely differently by any potential insurer.

If you are in any doubt, it will still always be advisable to fully disclose any information that may affect your policy entitlement even if you think it insignificant – let the insurer make that decision!

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