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Sony introduces entry level Walkman players

Sony has recently introduced two new entry-level MP3 players on their Walkman line: The E-series and the B Series.

The Sony Walkman E-series MP3 players features a 2 inch colour LCD, MPEG 4 video playback (videos need to be converted), and up to 30 hours battery life/6 hours for video playback.

The Sony Walkman B Series on the other hand has ZAPPIN, up to 18 hours music playback, and FM radio tuner with recording capability.

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Sony’s Walkman Line

It’s really too bad that Sony won’t make an iPod Touch look-alike portable media player. Their Walkman line is good but they’re slowly losing their stand in the portable player department. It’s all thanks to the iPod.

Though I’m a Sony Fangirl I couldn’t help but admire how Steve Jobs is able to sell his products. Even though the Walkman is the pioneer in the portable music department, they’re quickly overshadowed by the iPod. You know how popular a product is when they’re quickly being cloned. There used to be a proliferation of Walkman discs clone in the Chinese market but now Chinese manufacturers are cloning the iPod Touch and rarely clones any other MP4 player.

There are actually some good iPod Touch clones in the market like Onda, Meizu and Optimus. If Sony doesn’t add a new life or design to their Walkman line, it would probably soon be extinct like the betamax and MD player.

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Sony BDZ-A70

I don’t know what the heck they’re saying but this is a pretty cool feature. Imagine, downloading Blu-ray movies unto your Walkman or PSP! Pretty cool.

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