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Sony Playstation Network

Hoping to get into the action of online games, Sony has set up their own online store for the PS3 and their playstation consoles. Thought its not exactly like the other free online games on the internet since you need a playstation console and you have to buy the CDs of the games, at least you can play with your friends even when they’re on the other side of the country compared with having them over for beer and chips in your home.

This is what sets the PS3 apart from the previous consoles, the ability to play massively multiplayer games online. Sports games are also popular at Sony’s Online store. Sony’s Playstation Network seems to be the place for premium online games (much like their other consumer electronics that carriers a premium price compared with its competitors). Honestly, though I’m a Sony Fangirl, I just find their online games complicated. I’d much rather prefer the free online games going around on the net which are simple and flash based. Sports games and puzzle games are my favorite though if I want my online gaming to be a bit more complicated, I usually visit the Playstation Network to see what’s new.

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