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Accessories for your Sony Ericsson and wishful mobile phone feature

Okay, so if you live in a neighborhood where you walk down your street and when you get home either your pockets or bags are slashed, then you better make sure that your mobile phone stays close to you. You can opt for a mobile phone holder with a belt strap or if you have small and light mobile phone, you can strap your phone on a retractable badge reels and place it on your belt or hang it on your neck.

Anyways, you know what would be cool feature for a mobile phone? Well, I was looking for plastic card printers since I wanted to make a copy of our company ID. I don’t whether that’s legal but I’m a ditz and I always end up losing my IDs so I thought why not make a copy just in case? It’s just a thought and I don’t know whether the printers would actually make a copy of my ID but I wanted to try anways, going back to the topic, I thought it would be cool if our mobile phones has like a quick print feature. Similar to the old Polaroid cameras. I know that Polaroid is currently developing a digital camera that can print your pictures instantly and if that happens, I’m sure it’s not far behind that our mobile phones will also have that feature. You can print your business cards instantly or print your camera phone’s pictures in a jiffy.

Hopefully,if Polaroid is bent on reclaiming its share in the camera world, the Polaroid digital camera won’t be far behind.


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