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The Sony AR Series

Laptop computers have changed over the past years especially ever since High Definition videos have been introduced. In the days before HD, the smaller your laptop is, the better. Laptops are supposed to be your portable computer, a device which you can carry around with you. But since netbooks and mobile phones are fast becoming laptop replacements, laptops have also evolved into desktop replacements.

The HP HDX series has the biggest laptop screen I’ve seen at a whopping 22 inch (I think). However, HP isn’t marketing their HDX as a laptop but more of a portable media centre. Sony names their VAIO laptop series according to the screen size. The Z series has a 13.1 inch screen, the CS has 14.1 inch, etc. The Sony AR Series, is Sony’s 17 laptop series. This was during the advent of HD when people weren’t content with watching HD content on their 14 inch laptop but were not too comfortable with 22 inch screen like HP’s. But since Sony’s introduction of their new VAIO line, the Sony AR series will be discontinued and will be replaced by the VAIO AW series which have an 18.1 inch screen.

Whether people would prefer the extra 1 inch we could never really tell unless Sony discontinues the AW and resurrect the AR series.


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