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Spanish-English Dictionary for the Sony Ericsson

My brother has an aging Sony Ericsson P900 phone which I kept nagging him to replace with the Sony Ericsson P1i. Anyways, he was asking me if I know of a compatible English-Spanish dictionary which he can install on his phone since he’s going to stay in Spain for a few months. I asked what he needed the software for considering that I think he aced his spanish class (but then again, that was decades ago). He said he needed to polish up on his Spanish since he couldn’t even translate the simple phrase, cobertura adsl (adsl coverage). I think that phrase popped up when he was trying to find an adsl provider so that he can stay connected even while away (I tried to help but most websites from Spain are in Spanish and I flunked that class).

Anyways, I recommended LingvoSoft Spanish-English dictionary for Symbian, I think they have a version which is compatible with the Sony Ericsson P900. I’ve used LingvoSoft on my windows mobile device and they have a pretty good software. has a link to the trial version if you’re interested.

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