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Upgrade or Keep Vista?

Let’s face it, though you really like your brand spanking new VAIO, we all hate the Windows Vista that comes with it. That’s why some of us would go through all the trouble of replacing Vista with XP. However, the problem is that when you downgrade to XP, you have to install all the drivers on your Sony VAIO. And I do mean ALL. From the motherboard, video card drivers, sound card drivers, etc.

Now since Windows Vista already comes pre-installed on the device, most likely you won’t find the drivers needed on the CD because most of the time, it would just be a recovery CD that comes with your VAIO laptop. You can try to find a website that has an extensive Driver Library for your PC and if you can’t find the specific device driver, you have to scour the Internet. It’s a pretty painful process I have to tell you so the question really is: Are you that bent on replacing Vista? If not then let’s just stick with it, if you are, well, good luck on your driver hunting.


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