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Playing DivX files on your Sony VAIO

Sony VAIO laptops are designed to be a multimedia fun house. You have a nice screen plus cool speakers, it’s just too bad that with all the junk software that comes with purchasing a Sony VAIO, Sony didn’t even bother to add the essential tools like a DivX player.

If you want to play DVDs and MP3 files on your hard disk instantly without having to boot up your PC, you can use the VAIO’s instant mode to do that. However, like I said, since Sony doesn’t support DiVX files, you have to manually do this. For those not in the know, files with the file extension DivX are video files that are encoded with the DiVX encoder. Though most DiVX encoded videos usually have the file extension .avi. Anyways, you need to download the DiVX media player or DivX codec in order to play these files. I recommend downloading only the codec since you probably don’t need another media player on your VAIO that could slow things down.

Or, if you don’t wan to download the codec, you can just download the VLC media player. A powerful media player that plays almost ALL video formats. You don’t have to download any codecs plus it has a small memory footprint.

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