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Creating Playlists from music files on your home network

Scenario: You’ve upgraded to a new VAIO PC and you gave your wife/husband your old VAIO laptop, however, you have a bunch of music files saved on the laptop but transferring it on your new PC is not an option since you need to fill your new PC’s hard drive with new files and transferring your old music files will just eat up the hard disk space.

Problem: How to access your old music files without transferring them to your new PC.

Solution: The expensive solution would be to buy a portable hard drive or a high capacity USB memory stick so you can just carry around your music with you and use it from one PC to the other. The other solution is to just create a home network and access your old music files from your old laptop. You can use File-O-Scope, a powerful LAN search tool that doesn’t only search for files across your network but can also create a playlist out of music files from your LAN. You may even be able to use File-O-Scope to spy on your hubby and search for any hidden or arhived messages he may have saved from the dozens of free email accounts he may have created.


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