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Making the Most of your VAIO laptop

Okay, so most VAIO laptops nowadays ship with Windows Vista and if you’re lucky enough to have or buy a Windows XP and replace the Vista Operating System on your VAIO, then there’s really no need for you to read this post. But like me, most of you will probably be stuck with Vista and though Microsoft has always been readily providing us with updates, none of them seems to improve Vista’s performance. So until the release of Windows 7, what are we to do? Well, make the most of Vista by using other software.

Take this Unofficial Windows Upgrade Software called Extensions for Windows. Extensions for Windows provide users with additional utilities to make the most out of Windows Vista and Windows XP. Some of these functions include an extended screen capture and desktop recorder which allows you to capture screenshots of live demos, image and document converters, a handy search and replace feature which allows you to search for text within files, PDF converter, and a Disk Usage Analyzer, among others.

There are a lot of stand alone utilities that could do this but buying each and everyone of those software will probably cost you more than $49.95, the retail price of Extensions for Windows. Anyways, you should try this software out and see how much easier Vista can be.


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