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Can sis files work on Sony Ericsson phones?

A friend told me that someone gave her some mobile phone games on a cd. The problem was the file on the cd has the file extension mdf and it was a big file so she thought how was she going to install it on her sony ericsson phone? I told her that an mdf file is an image file and she needs to rename the mdf file to .bin and burn it using NERO. After burning, she then can see the games on the cd.

Another problem, however, came up. Most of the games on the CD have the file extension sis. SIS files are usually for symbian phones, meaning, most of them will work with Nokia phones. Only a few Sony Ericsson phones run on Symbian OS and these includes the Sony Ericsson G700, G900, M600i, P1i, P900, P800, P910, P990, W950, and W960. Even if your Sony Ericsson is running on Symbian, there’s no guarantee that the sis file will work on it especially if it was made for a Nokia phone, just like not all jar/jad files will work on the same phone even if both are capable of java applications.


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